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Birther Summit March 29, 2012 Washington DC

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For more information, visit The Birther Summit is a 3-day event in Washington, DC in which the American people will protest the cover-up by Congress of Barack Obama’s in eligibility to be president. The public rally and protest march will be March 29, 2012, and online registration begins August 1, 2011.

Birther Summit Registration

March 28 will be a “working conference” of the national leaders and spokespeople of the eligibility movement. Their names are all very well known to you, and this group will hammer out a unified, cohesive message to issue to Congress and every citizen of this country. That message will be our Declaration of Constitutional Dependence, and will address every facet of Barack Obama’s constitutional in eligibility to hold the highest office in the country, and the lengths to which he has gone to hide that fact.THIS IS YOUR DAY! Thursday, March 29 will start with a Birther Extravaganza, a massive rally at which many of the previous day’s conference attendees will address the huge crowd assembled to make our presence known to Washington and the rest of the country. The rally, with poignant messages from some of our leaders, as well as other presentations, will culminate in the reading of our Declaration of Constitutional Dependence. For this, we have requested the one individual we all immediately recognize for the vast sacrifice he made on our country’s behalf—LTC Terry Lakin. Stay tuned. Following the rally, we will take our message to the streets in a unified march, protesting Washington’s continued cover up of the fraud that has been perpetrated upon us.

Friday, March 30 will be the day for the Summit’s attendees to deliver our message in a more personal way, by teaming up and visiting the offices of every member of Congress.

CLICK HERE FOR FULL REGISTRATION INFORMATION.The base fee is $44. There is a special $5 discount available for anyone who possesses a non-forged copy of a birth certificate (no proof necessary, as this is the current White House standard). That brings the standard registration fee to $39 for everyone . . . except Barack Obama. Please understand that the rally registration fee is necessary to help offset the enormous costs associated with this event. If you would like to donate more toward those expenses, please do so via our PayPal button, or contact us. To register for the Unified Protest March ONLY (no registration fee), please use form below (those who register for rally are automatically registered for the march).

General Registration (Birth Certificate Special): $39.00 General Registration age 65+: $34.00 General Registration Veterans: $34.00 Active Military: $19.50


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